P/N 308 Three (3) Sizes


The Marpac 308 Neonatal/Pediatric ET Tube adhesive tapes come in three sizes. If you are still making “H” tapes in your spare time, you can now have a better solution. The paper backing allows you to easily grip the 308 without it sticking to your gloves.

Very Easy to Use: The 308 design allows the tape to “candy cane” up the ET tube for a better hold than traditional “H” tapes. The scored paper backing allow for quick application and a great product for your crash cart.
All-In-One Kit: Base, Support Strip, and Cover Piece are included.
Skin Friendly: Adhesive is specially formulated for ET tube securement, so it has the best balance of adhesiveness and removal ease.
Safe: Designed to reduce the risk of accidental extubation.

308-1D = 25 units
308-2D = 25 units
308-3D = 25 units