P/N 220 and 220S -30″ neck, Bariatric


Marpac’s bariatric tracheostomy tube holders, 220 (3”) and 220S (2”) are two-piece designs that fits up to a 30-inch neck.
People using the 220 & 220S are also interested in the 900 Adult Ventilator anti-disconnect.
Key benefits and features include:
Comfortable: All of the Velcro ends of the holder are rounded for patient comfort.
One Size Fits Most: Great adjustability so that it comfortably fits nearly every adult patient’s neck.
Special width: The 3” width of the 220 and 2” width of the 220S help protect this patient group from common skin breakdown issues.
Long-lasting and durable: Marpac uses the highest quality materials in our products. The sealed foam laminate body adds to the durability of the holder.
Secure: Velcro™ hook and loop for a secure hold.
220D = 10 units
220SD = 10 units