P/N 230 10-18″ neck Comfort Collar


Marpac’s cushioned adult and larger pediatric two-piece tracheostomy tube holder; the 230 is growing in popularity as a premium two-piece design with additional cushioning that fits up to a 18-inch neck.
People using the 230 are also interested in the 900 Adult Ventilator anti-disconnect.
Key benefits and features include:
Safe: Built-in cushion material that protects the neck from direct contact with plastic tracheostomy tube flanges—a high-risk location for skin injury
Versatile: Cushion design that allows use with both straight and V-style tracheostomy tubes
One Size Fits Most: Easily customizable for a variety of neck sizes
Long-lasting and durable: Marpac uses the highest quality materials in our products. The sealed foam laminate body adds to the durability of the holder.
Secure: Velcro™ hook and loop for a secure hold.
Comfort Collar For Decreased Pressure Wounds In Pediatric Patients
Tracheotomy-related pressure wounds are a common problem for all patients but even more prevalent among pediatric patients. A published study reporting a new wound care regimen—a protocol involving daily neck skin inspection by “a team consisting of a senior level otolaryngology resident or pediatric otolaryngology fellow, certified wound care specialist, respiratory therapist and bedside nurse—implemented by one tertiary-care pediatric hospital concluded that early wound identification and treatment significantly reduced the total number of tracheotomy-related wounds as well as completely eliminated serious (stage 3 or 4) pressure wounds. However, the protocol implemented presents challenges to many institutions because of cost and specialty care provider availability.
This study cited Marpac’s Comfort Collar as a possible cost-effective solution to achieve the same level of wound-prevention using less protective dressing material—reducing both material and labor costs.
McEvoy T, Seim NB, Aljasser A, Elmaraghy CA, Ruth B, Justice L, Begue S, Jatana KR. Prevention of post-operative pediatric tracheostomy wounds: A multidisciplinary team approach. Int J Ped Otorhinolaryngology 97 (2017): 235-9, (EPub ahead of print).
230D = 10 units     230B = 100 units