P/N 8-X3616 Cross Bar Chin Strap


Marpac’s largest fitting Chin Strap; the Cross Bar, 8-X3616, is a three-piece design. The Strap under the chin adjusts with Velcro at the back and two pieces Velcro together on top and then Velcro to each side for a customized fit.

Key benefits and features include:

Comfortable: All of the Velcro is narrower than the strap material so no prickly edges.
One Size Fits Most: Great stretch and adjustability so that it comfortably fits nearly every adult patient. The Cross Bar does accommodate slightly larger wearers than the Halo
Latex-free Reduced chance of a dangerous catheter pull-through
Long-lasting and durable: Marpac uses the highest quality materials in our products.