P/N 340 E-Z-Grab® Hydrocolloid


Marpac’s adult hydrocolloid based and repositionable ET tube holder; the 340 is another option in your toolbox for patient safety.
People using the 340 are also interested in the 910 NG to ET Tube Wrap.
Key benefits and features include:
Quick: Hydrocolloid allows easy placement on patient.
o Protective soft foam under all plastic components
o Skin friendly Hydrocolloid
o Five lateral locking positions for ET tube
Versatile: Accommodates ET tube 6.0-9.0
Long-lasting: Suitable for multiple days of use.
Compared to competitors
o Better placement of hydrocolloid
o Better attachment angle of neck strap
o Better design to reduce pressure on the patient’s face
o Better mechanism to hold the ET tube
340D = 10 units 
*Patent Pending*