P/N 906 aka PDD


A neonatal/pediatric universal ventilator anti-disconnect device that is easy to use and works with nearly all vent circuit designs.

People interested in the 906 are also interested in the 203 two-piece tracheostomy tube holder.

Our ADULT universal ventilator anti-disconnect device can be found by clicking here.

Some key benefits and features the Marpac 905 include:

  • Secure: A unique cloth/foam fabric that grips the vent circuit securely.
  • Easy to Use: Whether you use the connection or wrapped connection, Marpac’s vent circuit anti-disconnect device is easy to use and intuitive. There are only a few steps, and the VELCRO® Brand tabs can attach anywhere when used with our tracheostomy collars.
  • Compatible: Our device works with many different types of connections and accessories, including T-Flex.
  • Easy on Skin: All of our products are skin-friendly and greatly reduces skin breakdown. This includes the use of soft, thin VELCRO® Brand strips with rounded edges that won’t bite into or cause irritation to the skin of the patient.
  • Multiple Sizes: Our vent circuit anti-disconnect device comes in both adult (900) and pediatric (905) sizes.

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